Pandora 30 Pendant Charm.

At the start of the year, I said goodbye to my twenties and turned 30. It was a pinnacle point for me this year, realising I was a 'proper' adult now. That and I realised I had to stop dwelling on certain things but I planned on talking about that in a separate post.

My lovely boyfriend knew I'd been banging on about this charm for ages and so got it for me for my special birthday.

The 30 charm is a simple pendant heart, hanging from a beaded bail. The hallmarks are hidden on the side of the bail so when worn next to other charms it can't be seen at all. The only adornment is the cubic zirconias that are embedded into the numbers.

It's not an overly flashy charm, it says what it needs to. I think for the design the price is a little more than what I'd usually pay but since you're only 30 once, you should treat yourself or get someone else to.



Where to buy:

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