10 Things I Love Sunday #6.

♡ 1 - Nandos 4eva. I honestly cannot get enough of that spicy chicken lately.

♡ 2 - I'm currently on the last week of working in the same job I've done for the last 14 years. Lately, it hasn't been particularly good for my mental health and so I'm looking forward to finally starting a career and what it may bring me.

♡ 3 - Currently living the silver-haired dreams I've always craved. I tried it years ago but it never lasted but after discovering the Bleach London Smoky Blonde shampoo and conditioner duo it's really helped keep my locks steely looking.

♡ 4 - I wasn't feeling that hours sleep we lost when the clocks changed last month but I think I speak for most when I say I've really been enjoying the lighter evenings.

♡ 5 - This PLT waterfall coat makes me feel like a badass business woman. Teamed with a blouse, pinafore dress and some killer heels I think I'm all set for my new job.

♡ 6 - Quicksand only got uploaded to Netflix a week or so ago and I've only just started watching it but I'm sat here with my mouth open in shock. No spoilers but just - watch it!

♡ 7 - Pokemon GO. I am about three years behind on this trend, granted but I blame it on my boyfriend. It's got us out of the house when we'd usually just want to chill after a long working week.

♡ 8 - These pizza crackers are delish for a light snack. You get the pizza flavour without a ton of calories.

♡ 9 - Learning to love myself as I am right now. When I end up in a routine from my new job (rather than working shift work) I can get back on that health train but until then I'm just trying to look after and be kind to myself in the process.

♡ 10 - Reese's peanut butter filled eggs, it's a shame they're about to disappear as they're lush.


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