Imperial Leather Foamburst - Unicorn Marshmallow.

I'm not usually one to pick up my shower and bath products from anywhere besides Lush, as I've really grown to love them. So it takes a lot to catch my eye but when I saw this sitting on the shelf, the marshmallow scent it promised and the pretty packaging drew me in.

When the foam first comes out of the nozzle it comes out like a gel and to start with I thought I'd not shaken it enough but it quickly turns into the lightest, fluffiest foam. It glides across the skin leaving behind a super soft moisturised feeling. This is also perfect for shaving as it's like a lush scented shaving foam anyway.

The scent itself is helped with the addition of marshmallow root extract. If you grew up in the UK you'll be familiar with Flumps and it smells just like being immersed in those, not overly sweet but a comforting scent that isn't too in your face.

Imperial Leather has released numerous products with the marshmallow scent including a hand wash and a regular shower gel which I posted about here. I feel like the foam has the strongest and longlasting scent out of all of them.

This is unfortunately limited edition but it seems to have been out for quite some time now. I know people kind of groan every time a new unicorn product is released now and I have to admit, it is somewhat overdone. But this is actually really lovely and I definitely plan on stocking up.


£3.15 / 200ml

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