Sunday Riley U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil.

Over the past few years, I think skin care products have really been ramped up, probably due to the fact that influencers are vocal about their wants and needs and a lot of companies are listening.

For as long as I can remember I've always had problematic skin. Don't always believe the people that tell you you'll grow out of it, I just hit 30 and I'm still breaking out. Towards the middle of last year, I decided to take my routine a little more seriously and purchased something that had been on my wishlist for a while. That bright green face oil!

On first glance the thing that draws your attention is the alien-like colour, kind of fitting with a name such as U.F.O. But it's also home to a whole host of ingredients that are really helpful towards combating problematic skin.

First up we have milk thistle seed oil which helps with inflammation, whilst also having antioxidant and anti ageing effects. Black cumin seed oil again helps inflammation along with antimicrobial effects which can help improve acne over time. Cucumber seed oil helps the skins protective barrier whilst improving firmness and elasticity whilst promoting cell regeneration.

Pomegranate seed oil contains linoleic acid which balances sebum levels. Cranberry seed oil is rich in fatty acids that nourish the skin and boosts collagen. Flaxseed oil contains fatty acids which help to balance out the skins own oils and helping the skin to repair.

Hexylresorcinol helps with naturally brightening the appearance of old acne scarring. Liquorice root extract helps with dark spots but also helps balance oily skin. Salicylic acid aids in clearing out pores and exfoliating the skin.

Those are just some of the main ingredients I could go on all day about the contents because it's full of such good oils and extracts that my skin just drinks up.

When I first got this I was definitely applying too much of it but when I learned the best way to apply oils (5 or 6 drops usually does my face, rubbed and warmed between my palms and then lightly pressed into the skin) it wasn't long before I was reaping the benefits. My skin has become more plump and hydrated. Old acne marks are fading and any under the skin spots that do appear, usually from stress, are far less painful and lot smaller than they usually would be.

I recently ran out of this and my skin is not thanking me so I need to get this back in my life pronto as going without it has shown how much improvement it really made to my skin. I highly recommend this to anyone who is suffering from their problematic skin.


£34 / 15ml
£68 / 35ml

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