The Chocolate Smiths x Marsh Loves Mallow Collaboration Bar.

The Chocolate Smiths have outdone themselves with their second collaboration bar and I didn't think it could get much better than the first one.

Marsh Loves Mallow have all kinds of different flavours of gourmet handmade mallows like ones with peanut chocolate chips, they even have gooey chocolate brownies sandwiched between their delicious mallows.

The next collab bar should be released July time if my calculations are correct and I'm hoping they do the blind preorder again. As whatever The Chocolate Smiths create is going to be tasty, that I'm sure of.

As with the all the collab bars there's only a small amount of these available for order but the times they're released are always known in advance. This time they gave the option for people to order the collab bars without even knowing who they were teaming up with or what the bar was going to be like. I put my trust in them to create something I would more than likely love.

Inside the hand wrapped gold foil you'll find a pretty sizeable bar. It looks simple on the outside, a milk chocolate base with thick drizzles of creamy, white chocolate. Once breaking open the bar you'll find both vanilla and chocolate marshmallows layered on top of the bar, nestled alongside deep pockets of salted caramel sauce which give it such a nice edge though it can sometimes be a little too sweet meaning a little of this bar is best enjoyed when eaten in small amounts.

Absolutely divine and I cannot wait for the collab bar that'll be released in the summer.


£7 / 180g

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