Things I Love Sunday #7.

Well, May and June were a bit of a blur, weren't they? I could sit here and apologise but I'm trying to be a little less hard on myself and remember that if I don't post it isn't the end of the world. After nearly 14 years of being in a job that played a big role in my declining mental health, I bit the bullet and left. Throwing myself into a completely new career in a sector I knew nothing about. So I've given it my all and so far am really enjoying it.

As always I find it best to ease myself back into posting with a 'Things I Love' post. So besides work, what else have I been enjoying lately?
♡ 1 - I've recently read quite a few articles on how ghost and inactive followers on Instagram can really affect your engagement rate. I looked mine up and it was at 2% - though I'm not sure entirely how accurate the website I used was. I first tried an app but it made some genuine people unfollow me and me unfollow them. Instead, I went through one evening and manually deleted over 2k followers. A lot were bloggers from back in the day who hadn't posted in years or Slimming World followers who again, haven't posted since 2015/2016. It was highly time consuming and boring but my first post after doing so got more engagement in just a few hours than my previous post had in the entire week it had been up. Since then my engagement rate has jumped to around 10-13% which is a massive difference and really shows that all those dead accounts weren't really worth anything.

♡ 2 - I forgot how good Strawberry Ribena is! Made with icey cold water it makes a refreshing change from all the fizzy I drink.

♡ 3 - French ombre nails. There's something so satisfying about a fresh set of nails and I am loving the twist on the classic french mani. Simple yet so pretty, especially with a tiny sprinkling of glitter (of course).

♡ 4 - I've come to realise how rewarding celebrating life's little wins can be and how it can really help with my mental health. Appreciating the smaller things can really help with motivation for those bigger things you want out of life and encourages you to really keep going. It also helps boost your confidence and really gives you that 'feel good' feeling.

♡ 5 - Eye Creams. Should I, as a beauty blogger admit that it's only recently that I've started using eye creams? The one I was using until recently made my eyes water like crazy but I think I might have found the perfect one for me so look out for a post on that soon!

♡ 6 - Pandora's annual summer sale. I can't be the only one who always adds a tonne of things to my wishlist but can't bring myself to purchase them? Especially when it's something that's a little more pricey. This time around they have so many Disney bits that I've been lusting after for ages, so I just had to give myself a little treat. I mean even more so when it's a bargain, right?

♡ 7 - Love Island, the one thing people love to hate over the summer. Even my boyfriend was like 'I'm not watching that for eight blood weeks!' He quickly changed his mind when he realised how muggy it was and I think he loves it more than I do. I didn't watch last years as I was doing a lot of evenings at my old job but I'm so glad to be keeping up with this year's constant plot twists.

♡ 8 - Evenings spent in the garden, watching the sunset, chilling with friends, having lots of laughs and a good catch up. Lovely stuff! Sometimes it's really just the little things that put a smile on your face,

♡ 9 - British strawberries are my absolute staple summer food, as soon as they start popping up in shops I can't stop eating them! Topped with a little sprinkling of sugar and a drizzle of cream, or even just on their own. Perfect at any time of the day.

♡ 10 - Introducing regular retinol into my skincare routine is something I wish I'd done years ago. The overall texture of my skin has become a lot smoother and I'm getting very few spots. Especially not the painful, under the skin ones that I was used to. I just have to work on getting rid of the scarring and I might feel a bit happier with my bare skin then.


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